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Groove Unlimted Label will be release the new album Cosmic Light with 11 tracks.

Synthesizer tracks in a melodic EM framework featuring dynamic compositions that are very tuneful and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures!

Brazil’s Eloy Fritsch performs Electronic Music in his own style that evolves between Vangelis´ Ambient & Impressionist styles, Jarre's wonderful melodic sequencer driven tracks, KRAFTWERK’s inventive works and the synthesised Power Prog of masters such as Rick Wakeman. ‘Cosmic Light’ will be release on December 2020.

ELOY FRITSCH: COSMIC LIGHT Track List: 01. Gravitational Force (5:10) 02. Physical Activity (10:05) 03. Time Tunnel (5:10) 04. Spacetime (6:02) 05. Memories Of A Mysterious Dream (3:25) 06. Artificial Intelligence (5:03) 07. Droids (5:45) 08. Secret Path (3:45) 09. Cosmic Light - Part I (6:50) 10. Cosmic Light - Part II (4:40) 11. Cosmic Light - Part III (4:15) TPT – 60:10

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