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Sailing to the Edge - New album is available!

Eloy Fritsch released a landmark 12th record Sailing to the Edge in 2017. All the elements of Fritsch´s style are present here: a full dynamic synthesizer sound, great melodies, overflowing with the power and passion, mixing intense uptempo rhythms and full grand-scale electronic orchestrations. There are many excellent minimoog, organ, mellotron, strings and symphonic parts. The tracks are rhythmic and the orchestral/electronic arrangements are very special gives the music an original sound. Sailing to the Edge is one of the most progressive rock record by Eloy Fritsch. The first track Sailing to the Edge Overture is an impressive Hollywood symphonic peace style. The opening part has created a colossal high quality introduction that brings the music into an uplifting mood with the entrance of the second track Land of Wizards with drums and orchestral music. Minimoog inserts its sound in between the orchestra and choral parts and makes the song very rich in textures and melodies especially on the combination of synthesizer, choral and orchestra. All other tracks are powerful with unique particularities making Sailing to the Edge a very rich and creative album.

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