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P A S T   A N D   F U T U R E   S  O U N D S  (1996 - 2006 )  

1. Andromeda  

2. Aphrodite    

3. Floating Free Between Stars 4. Atlantis  

5. Aurora Borealis

6. Lake of Peace

7. Shiva          

8. Ionosphere

9. The Motion of Planets  

10. Overture              

11. Pity

12. Microcosmos      

13. Frontiers

14. Heaven      

 15. Savage

16. The Garden of Emotions Suite

... In "Savage" Fritsch firstly explores the atmospheric side and then moves into classical mode showing his great compositional qualities. The close number is quite long and very varied in styles, "The Garden of Emotions Suite" includes samples of Choral voices, and Synergy and Wakeman (Moogs!) amongst others can be heard here. An excellent compilation that is also of interest for those who already have everything from Fritsch in their collection. (E-dition - Electronic Music Magazine # 15 - November 2006)

Illustrations:: Alexandre Bandeira

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