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A T M O S P H E R E - E L E C T R O N I C   S U I T E   

Atmosphere - Electronic Suite (2003) 


1. Atmosphere - Main Title

2. Troposphere

3. Clouds



       Stratus ,


4. Stratosphere

5. Aurora Borealis

6. Ionosphere

7. Exosphere

8. Atmosphere - End Titles

“The 2003 album is a great one: from the start, the well-named "Atmosphere - Electronic Suite" evokes the excellent "Heaven And Hell" (VANGELIS) opus, with emphatic choirs and majestic orchestral parts. The opus reveals once again the Eloy FRITSCH’s ecological convictions: he presently defends the virtues of the gas envelope that allow everyone to live on Earth: the Atmosphere. Take your tickets to an ocean of happiness !”


Musea Editorial Review, 2003.

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