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E X O G E N E S I S 

I recommend this album to open minded prog fans and the lovers of electronic music. On this album you can hear some breathtaking melodies. And one of the best compliments that you can give to composers of electronic music ... the music has warmth.


Douwe Fledderus - ProgVisions (2012)

E X O G E N E S I S  (2012)

1. Gaia,  2. Neutron Star,  3. Sunshine,  4. Exogenesis, Pt. 1, 5. Exogenesis, Pt. 2,  6. Exogenesis, Pt. 3,  7. Exogenesis, Pt. 4

8. Mayan Temple,  9. Far Above The Clouds,  10. Moonwalk, 11. The Ice Sea Of Enceladus,  12. New Dawn,  13. The Immensity Of The Cosmic Ocean 

“When sampling songs for the album Exogenesis, I discovered the award-winning  composers new 2012 album.”

New Age Music World (2012)

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