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B E H I N D   T H E   W A L LS   O F   I M A G I N A T I O N 

“Behind the Walls of Imagination - This is a spiritually charged, often powerful instrumental album that maintains a reverent sense of wonder throughout, sort of like the title implies. If you"re seeking a definitive crossover disc stradding new age and progressive, here ya go!”


(John Collinge - Progression The Quaterly Journal of Progressive Music -USA -Fall/Winter 1999-2000).



1. Overture

2. Flying Over the Rainbow

3. Eternity

4. Quasar

5. The Journey Starts Now

6. Behind the Walls of Imagination

7. Cosmic Winds

8. Floating Free Between Stars

9. Tropical Birds

10. Triumph Hymm

11. The Last Frontier12. Centaur

13. The Fortress of Solitude

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