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D  R  E  A  M  S

“DREAMS is a dynamite album featuring some of the most dynamic electronic music I"ve heard. The rhythms are high powered and energetic (hinting at rock), and the melody arrangements are crips and full of bright synthetic tone colors. The recording quality is outstanding as well which gives the music even more punch. Fans of Peru, Schroeder and Garrison take note, this even better."


Archie Patterson/EUROCK CATALOG - Aug/96 – EUA

D R E A M S (1996 )


1 - Space Odissey

2 - The Motions of Planets

3 - Saturn

4 - Pity

5 - Crystal

6 - Electronic Dreams

7 - Mystical Ocean

8 - The Hall of Imagination

9 - Firmament

10 - Lost Temple

11 - Progressive Concert

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